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All Hallows' Week

October 14th — 20th, 2018
The Bay Area


“The deceased are ready for their revenge.

The San Francisco Bay Area, currently a hub for supernatural, odd, and unexplainable, is seeing a new problem: faces thought to be long gone appearing once again, albeit looking very...different.

These creatures are fallen friends, foes, strangers, and family. Some are faces that are long gone while others were recently lost. None are themselves, as they have been transformed into shells of their former selves thanks to the power of the Black Lantern ring, a ring that exists outside of the emotional spectrum and thrives on death and destruction. Though they are creatures of destruction with a lust for death, they are not mindless hordes. They're sentient beings who possess normal speech patterns, and the Black Lantern ring grants them a certain type of "life," even if they're not actually, properly alive. They've been reanimated and have all the memories and abilities of those deceased. Some of these corpses come dangerously close to looking alive while others appear mostly decayed...” — excerpt from @multiverses

Unsurprisingly, Misty Knight and Bruce Banner return this month to yet another round of unforeseen challenges, as the week progresses with the dead continuing to rise from their graves and in their increasingly initiated numbers.