The holographic screen had barely begun beaming its projection of the decrypted message from the concealed nano-transmitters that they'd incorporated into the simple wooden desk's grain -- one of their latest improvements to the office, along with the completed t-port doorway, which kept their 'work' hidden in plain sight, just as they'd originally only mused of. Skipping past any clinking of champagne glasses however, Bruce was pacing the office space behind her, more than a little fidgety after spending the handful of hours between their chat and her break narrowing down a list of their old 'friends' who'd possibly have the sheer skill to not only crack his original encryption -- which was, technically, not meant to be unsolvable -- but to then respond with a more advanced encryption, which, while obviously not meant to be unsolvable, had taken him a day or three to crack.

“So... What do you think?”

At one point Misty had been fixated on the others like them. Desperate to learn what they all shared in common and what made them different, in hopes of answering the lone question that played on repeat in her mind: Why them? After a year in, the unsolvable experiment had fallen by the wayside in large part, though she still kept track of what seemed like evidence of new arrivals. The reckless ones that made it to front page news either by some sort of suspected public outing or what might have well been one with as much speculation they left behind. The amateurs. The new ones. With her bionic arm folded across her chest, and human fingers cradling her chin in thought she read over the message.